Nearly Half of DoD Employees Got More Productive When They Started Teleworking

Written by ID Technologies    April 6, 2021

#REPOST from Chris Oliver:

ID Technologies has witnessed first hand how the DOD has shifted from on premise to work from home while navigating the challenges of accessing classified networks remotely.

The Pentagon’s Inspector General (IG) said that 47% of respondents to a survey on teleworking practices reported that their productivity increased during the pandemic. The IG said “Sharing defense information, even if only temporarily, over improperly secured devices increases the risk of sensitive information affecting national security being exposed.”

We created our Archon ( platform to address this specific need. It is currently being deployed across multiple customers with varying access requirements. Archon has transformed classified access, improved network capacity and secured devices for mission critical personnel by giving them the ability to do their work remotely and securely.

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