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ID Technologies’ Archon Solution Chosen as a 2020 Industry Innovator Award Winner

Written by ID Technologies
October 19, 2020

Ashburn, VA (Oct. 20, 2020) – ID Technologies, LLC, a mission-driven integrated solution provider to the federal government, today announced that its Archon endpoint security platform has been chosen as an Industry Innovator Award Winner at the 2020 Government Innovation Awards held by GCN, FCW and Washington Technology. The awards are a celebration of government IT’s disruptors, innovators and emerging leaders in reimagining public sector IT.

The Archon solution suite is a demonstration of how ID Technologies is applying its deep mission understanding to develop commercial innovations that solve highly complex problems faced by its federal clients. Archon provides a uniquely secure way for mobile users to access sensitive or classified data. It is being deployed to enable remote workforces to work within essential systems that are vital to national defense, a mission-critical task since the onset of the COVID pandemic.

Chris Oliver, CEO of ID Technologies, said, “ID Tec continues to build a world class organization focused on enabling our federal clients to take advantage of the latest commercial innovations. That’s why we are especially honored to be recognized as a leading industry innovator with this award. With Archon, we are having a transformational impact on the government’s ability to access classified information remotely. The award is great recognition for our entire Archon team. They are pushing boundaries every day to advance the mission of our federal clients beyond their expectations.”

Gavin Long, Partner with The Acacia Group, ID Technologies’ lead sponsor, said: “All of our portfolio companies are adept at creating game-changing technologies that are having a massive impact on the success of client missions. Archon is a prime example of this kind of innovation. It solves a real problem that has existed for a long time but has been made more urgent by the pandemic. In this context, Archon has a major role to play in sustaining and advancing client operations. Given that potential, it is fantastic to have the Archon team at ID Technologies recognized with this award.”

Designed by ID Technologies, the Archon solution suite is made up of:

  • The Archon Zero Vulnerabilities (ZV) secure laptop or Archon phone, a Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC) compliant endpoint built on a Dell Laptop or Google Pixel phone, which can be used for secure access to multi-domains.
  • Archon Cloud Fabric (CF), a global managed SDWAN solution, which provides connectivity to those critical end users. When paired with Archon ZV and a CSfC architecture, the Archon Suite enables enterprise gray connectivity virtually anywhere in the world.

From the disconnected battlefield to the end user connecting to sensitive networks from home, the Archon product suite is applying military grade security at commodity scale. In this critical time, the Archon Suite provides not only a work from home solution, but also greater productivity for those tactical mission users, and greater security for mission sensitive systems.

The full list of industry winners in the 2020 Government Innovation Awards can be seen in Washington Technology at:

About ID Technologies

ID Technologies is dedicated to developing, delivering, and integrating forward-thinking, proprietary, reliable solutions to government customers in the Intelligence, Defense and Federal Civilian markets. Trusted with over 20 Government Contracts and partnering with industry leaders and innovators, ID Technologies pairs market leading technologies and supportive acquisition strategies with agility, expertise, and mission-understanding to enable government agencies to achieve mission success. Their primary goal is to ease the customers’ experience and minimize time-to-value, recognizing that the customer’s job is already tough enough. ID Technologies calls this approach “Accelerating Simplicity” – making it easier for their customers to buy and use IT that is fit-for-purpose, at mission speed. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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The Acacia Group is a team of operational investors with a long track record in the U.S. technology and services markets. We see value in technologies that enable people to collaborate in sustaining our society, from our security and economy, to our institutions and infrastructure. We invest in entrepreneurs who share that mission, bringing the capital, experience and relationships to enable them to take their business to new heights. For more information, please visit The Acacia Group or follow us on LinkedIn.



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