The Archon Solution Suite.

Those who dedicate their lives to the protection of our country need state of the art tools they can rely on. We’ve built the Archon Solution Suite for them: A complete security toolkit based on years of experience in the field.

Through the combination of military-grade protection and commercial technology, we’ve created a collection of uniquely secure, cutting edge resources that offer cloud connectivity anywhere in the world.

Keep your system protected. Solve highly complex problems. And trust that your data is safe at all times. This is innovation fueled by experience.

The CSfC Program.

The U.S. government increasingly requires immediate use of the market’s most advanced commercial hardware and software technologies within National Security Systems (NSS) to achieve mission objectives.

That’s why NSA/CSS has established the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program: To leverage commercial products for layered solutions that protect restricted NSS information.

Utilizing innovations from the commercial marketplace allows U.S. government agencies to securely communicate through systems that can be deployed in the field in months, not years.


How It Works.

Mobile personnel working with sensitive and classified information can’t risk information leakage or identity disclosure. They need a mobile device that enables them to work efficiently while protecting against operating system vulnerabilities, configuration errors, errant or malicious code, traffic sniffing, location tracing, and other threats. The NSA had this requirement in mind when it created the Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC) Mobile Access Capability Package (MA CP). But most of today’s CSfC-compliant mobile devices are expensive, complicated to use in the field, and difficult to roll out and manage at scale.

ID Technologies has developed a solution: a pre-configured laptop with integrated hardware. The Archon Zero Vulnerability (ZV) platform realizes the promise of the CSfC MA CP, building on a Dell Latitude laptop to create a zero-trust operating environment with customized security.

Ready for Deployment.

  • Secure connections and data at rest for one or multiple environments created by the NSA CSfC capability packages
  • A variety of frequency support for the true tactical edge including disconnected operations
  • A seamless user experience through a laptop interface that runs all current applications
  • A zero-trust, customized security operating environment
  • Explicitly defined system functionality creates high assurance operations and eliminates configuration
  • Zero deviation from the security policy
  • Invisible security to the end-users and sustainable for the IT support teams

Outer Firewall Authenticates Archon Client


Outer VPN Gateway IPSec tunnel created


Grey Firewall Authenticates connection from outer VPN


Inner VPN Gateway IPsec tunnel created


Inner Firewall authenticates connection from inner VPN


Solution Suite.

In a world full of adversaries, your data can’t have any vulnerabilities. With Archon—it won’t: An unhackable laptop. Impenetrable cloud storage. Secure pathways. Our world-class CSfC solution keeps your system safe.

Zero Vulnerabilities

We built the world’s first unhackable laptop. By combining the reliability of a secure RTOS designed for military-grade systems with the utility of a commercial device to create Archon ZV, we’ve created a complete turnkey CSfC mobility solution. With this level of protection, even NSA security models can be deployed in the factory, saving on the cost, complexity, and overhead.

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Cloud Storage

You can accomplish a lot with a private vault of limitless space at your disposal. Archon Cloud Storage was built to be the secure, cost-effective file system you need. With scalable architecture deployable on commercial products, you can take advantage of the next generation of secure cloud services.

Initial capacity starts at 22 PB, but can be expanded based on any need, from a public cloud to a private data center that isn’t just backed up, it’s easily restorable. Fast. Affordable. Secure. Exactly what cloud storage is supposed to be.

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Cloud Fabric

They said it couldn’t be done. But we did it. We created a super high speed, low latency, secure path to the Cloud that doesn’t require the infrastructure investment and high risk.

Available everywhere the Internet is, Archon CF can be layered into your existing IT architecture to provide CSfC Cloud access. And, with the ability to move, migrate and balance load in real time, its maximum flexibility also ensures dramatically lower cost.

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The Archon Sidearm internal retransmission device (IRD) is a self-contained router (wired, wireless, and LTE) integrated right into the Archon Zero Vulnerability laptop.

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Archon PROXIMA is an enterprise-class networking solution that makes the WAN perform like a global LAN.

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Archon CAMO is designed to prevent adversaries from associating field operators with Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) enclaves and other government servers.

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Data Center

Archon Data Center is a rack of pre-selected, NSA-validated gear-compute, storage, networking, and red and black firewall with easy-to-follow documentation for deployment and management.

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Denise Sisson

Denise Sisson

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