Why is it hard?

Multiple complex factors drive how well the cloud can work for our customers, given their unique working context and goals.  Performance, security, capacity, cost – the list goes on. It comes down to the ability to select the right cloud platform for their workload, aligned with their security policy, performance requirements, budget, and time-to-value parameters. Doing that well is hard. It’s as much about business process change as technical implementation.

Our Approach

ID Technologies enables customers to navigate that challenging landscape by helping them identify and quantify what’s important to them; designing an approach which minimises time-to-value; and applying IT tools, models and disciplines that account for the complexity of their infrastructure. Our chosen partners each demonstrate unique ways of applying a consistent IT model across multiple clouds. That gives customers a clear understanding of their infrastructure and content at any given time, no matter what system it’s on.  We enable them to truly take advantage of the flexibility that comes with adopting the cloud.