Why is it hard?

Even in its infancy, the IoT is having an unprecedented impact on how customers understand their world. The exponential growth in sensors is creating new and diverse data sources and networks that need to stay connected and secure to be truly valuable. At the same time, more data just adds to the data management, analysis, and retention headache. Deciding the location and depth of analytics, the amount of data retained for future analysis, and securing a massive new attack surface are just a few of the challenges facing our customers. How is the usage, retention, and analysis of this data determined? Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of data must be highly automated, as there aren’t enough people to deal with the data explosion.

Our Approach

ID Technologies solutions to the IoT use a combination of cutting-edge network security and content focused security.  Security is often an afterthought in this field, and “security by Obscurity” is no longer a valid security model for unmanned systems. We design enterprise-level security into IoT networks. By pushing analytics to the edge, we also know how to help customers understand how to identify and manage data that they don’t need, enabling them to focus on the useful data.  We work with customers to design smart, automated data retention approaches at the infrastructure level. We use systems that recognize IoT-related data and how to handle them through a data management layer that makes decisions based on data provenance, data type and age and other criteria important to the customer.