Why is it hard?

The modern data workforce expects IT services to be as ubiquitous as mobile data coverage, and the modern mission demands it. Placing elements of your technology and data infrastructure in the hands of people who work “out there” has always been a problem, but the explosion of device types, use cases, and the expectation of “work where you are” has added new dimensions to the issue.  All those portals in to your systems are vulnerable – they’re hard to manage, and even harder to secure. With the proliferation of devices, and the advent of policies like BYOD, the identity of the ‘endpoint’ is getting less and less important. You have to manage and secure it, regardless of the asset.

Our Approach

Mobility solutions for application, infrastructure, data, or network, often strive to be “best of everything”.  At ID Technologies, we focus on working only with partners who are the technical or functional leaders in their domain. Their proven solutions have broad interoperability with management, reporting, deployment technologies with the broadest reach in industry. Our designs are purpose-built to support both secure and non-secure mobile environments. Delivering mobile access on premise, or to the last tactical mile, requires experts who understand end point, network, security, and data management principles. We leverage our expertise and partnerships in each practice area to deliver complex mobile solutions at scale and at the pace our customers require.