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Every project provides new insights into how we can solve mission-critical needs with technologies reflecting certain circumstances, driven by how people work and what they need to succeed.
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Wireless on the Military Campus – Wi-Fi or Private 5G LTE?
Jim Rousseau, ID Technologies Wireless Network Architect; has traveled across the country over this past year visiting Department of Defense bases testing a number of wireless technologies. In his travels he discovered that there seems to be a misunderstanding, in some cases, distrust for Wi-Fi technologies. Jim has sought out to cast a light on different wireless solutions for the DoD and re-introduce Wi-Fi as the predominant network medium.
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Reliable Wi-Fi and CBRS for DoD Flight Lines, Hangars, Depots and Field Deployments
Unreliable Wi-Fi in hangars, flight lines, and readiness and maintenance operations prevents the DoD aviators from seeing the full mission value from electronic workflow. ID Technologies and CommScope have teamed up to deliver an end-to-end solution for reliable communications for unit level operations, depot maintenance and support for platoon and battalion fixed and rotary wing operations.
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West Point Army Athletics Case Study
The Army Athletics team needed help with aged wireless and switch network. ID Technologies was brought in by Ruckus as partner support to Sharp USA for this refresh. Ultimately, the end-user got a rock-solid network that started showing results from day 1 of operation.
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Arnold AFB – ID Technologies and Trans-Tel
The Air Force needed to expand fiber optic availability to the south-side of Arnold Air Force Base (AFB) that required new or upgraded connectivity. ID Technologies and Trans-Tel worked together to provide the customer with increased fiber connectivity to outlying areas and additional fiber counts for future usage.
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Wireless Extension Box – The WEB Slinger
One of the challenges with Air Force Flight Line network communication is size. The challenge is to wirelessly extend the network, making it easier to extend the network to the clients. The ID Technologies Wireless Extender Box (WEB Slinger) is a ruggedized mesh node capable of extending the network for WiFi clients.
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Enabling Remote Operations on Multiple Network Classifications Using Cross Domain Solutions and CSfC
Forcepoint and ID Technologies have successfully created a Multi-Enclave Remote Workforce Solution (MERWS). ID Technologies’ Archon ZV running Forcepoint’s Trusted Thin Client and CSfC mobility access capability package provides a secure multi-network access solution that satisfies security needs while enhancing user productivity, regardless of the user’s physical location.
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Air Force Cyber Defense Case Study
The Air Force needed a new cyber defense system that was cost-efficient, robust, and powerful. We provided a dual system for the 102nd Cyber Operations Squadron (102 COS), North Kingston Rhode Island, successfully upgraded both the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) and the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) systems, and designed a roadmap for future Air Force Cyber Defense (ACD) requirements.
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Reliable Wi-Fi and CBRS for Air Force Hangars, Bunkers and Flight Lines
Unreliable Wi-Fi in hangars and around flight lines prevents the Air Force from seeing the full mission value from electronic workflow. ID Technologies and CommScope have teamed up to deliver an end-to-end solution for reliable communications for Air Force base hangars, bunkers and flight lines.
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Maryland National Guard Case Study
The Maryland National Guard needed a scalable IT system that was familiar to current staff and easy to manage for minimally trained new hires to accommodate high turnover rates. Our solution provided a system that has intuitive management interfaces and excellent initial implementation documentation.
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Air Force Mission Planning 1 and 2 Case Study
The Mission Planning community has a need to modernize their equipment; however, their actual mission planning software is quite old and only runs on certain platforms that are no longer commercially available. We were engaged with the customer for the past two years and put together a comprehensive proposal that addressed each and every one of their challenges.
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Archon ZV: Secure Mobile Computing
Powered by the Intel vPro® platform and secured by the INTEGRITY operating system (OS), Archon ZV is redefining “secure” by providing an easy-to-use mobility solution with zero vulnerabilities.
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Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) Case Study
The Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) needed a data processing upgrade that would accommodate increased collection and analysis of publicly available information (PAI) and enhance the overall mission of the center. We collaborated with our partner Cloudera to propose and deliver a dataflow and storage upgrade that would realize the needs of AFTAC, as well as consolidate contracts to streamline the upgrade process and mitigate costs.
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DoD ABIS Case Study
The customer needed to resolve their compute and storage capacity issue. ABIS workload in digital forensics outgrew their current IT environment, therefore, we needed to provide them a solution that let them optimize their environment.  It gave them the availability to scale seamlessly moving forward as they grow.
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CSfC Archon Integration
ID Tec is pushing functional innovation within the CSfC area. We’ve created an End User Device called Archon ZV. The Archon ZV interface and CSfC connection is elegant and performant, giving customers more of a commercial experience as was originally intended by the CSfC Program.
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ID Technologies Implementation Approach
Everyone follows roughly similar implementation approaches. Some version of a Plan, Design, Implement, Optimize wheel forms the foundation of the approach. ID Tec has adopted principles from DevOps and incorporated them into our implementation wheel.
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