Case Studies.

Every project provides new insights into how we can solve mission-critical needs with technologies reflecting certain circumstances, driven by how people work and what they need to succeed.

  • Maryland National Guard Case Study
    Maryland National Guard Case Study

    The Maryland National Guard needed a scalable IT system that was familiar to current staff and easy to manage for minimally trained new hires to accommodate high turnover rates. Our solution provided a system that has intuitive management interfaces and excellent initial implementation documentation.

  • Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) Case Study
    Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) Case Study

    The Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) needed a data processing upgrade that would accommodate increased collection and analysis of publicly available information (PAI) and enhance the overall mission of the center. We collaborated with our partner Cloudera to propose and deliver a dataflow and storage upgrade that would realize the needs of AFTAC, as well as consolidate contracts to streamline the upgrade process and mitigate costs.

  • DoD ABIS Case Study
    DoD ABIS Case Study

    The customer needed to resolve their compute and storage capacity issue. ABIS workload in digital forensics outgrew their current IT environment, therefore, we needed to provide them a solution that let them optimize their environment.  It gave them the availability to scale seamlessly moving forward as they grow.

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