Case Studies.

Every project provides new insights into how we can solve mission-critical needs with technologies reflecting certain circumstances, driven by how people work and what they need to succeed.

  • Air Force Mission Planning 1 and 2 Case Study
    Air Force Mission Planning 1 and 2 Case Study

    The Mission Planning community has a need to modernize their equipment; however, their actual mission planning software is quite old and only runs on certain platforms that are no longer commercially available. We were engaged with the customer for the past two years and put together a comprehensive proposal that addressed each and every one of their challenges.

  • Archon ZV: Secure Mobile Computing
    Archon ZV: Secure Mobile Computing

    Powered by the Intel vPro® platform and secured by the INTEGRITY operating system (OS), Archon ZV is redefining “secure” by providing an easy-to-use mobility solution with zero vulnerabilities.

  • CSfC Archon Integration
    CSfC Archon Integration

    ID Tec is pushing functional innovation within the CSfC area. We’ve created an End User Device called Archon ZV. The Archon ZV interface and CSfC connection is elegant and performant, giving customers more of a commercial experience as was originally intended by the CSfC Program.

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