Catch A Lift: Coaches Corner Podcast featuring Chris Oliver and Mike Maice

Written by ID Technologies    October 20, 2021

During times of uncertainty, Catch A Lift wanted to create a consistent place for all veterans to connect, share, and heal together through their stories, and the stories of their brothers, and sisters. During a national pandemic, the Coaches Corner Podcast was born. Every Wednesday, Catch A Lift share the stories of veterans, team members, and supporters through a LIVE podcast that airs at 1 pm EST. They have shared over 71 episodes of the Coaches Corner Podcast since its inception in April 2020, which are available for viewing on their Youtube Channel, iHeartRadio, Apple, and Spotify. They have found strength, and power through the stories of our veterans, and supporters, and hope you take a moment to listen to the words of those who have served us so selflessly.

This week’s episode of Coaches Corner features our very own CEO, Chris Oliver, and Retired Chief Warrant Officer 3 Michael Maice, our Chief Technology Officer of Archon. Listen to Chris and Michael discuss ID Technologies, and how our technology will aid military members in intel positions, and learn why ID Technologies supports CAL’s mission to help combat wounded veterans recover and rehabilitate physically and mentally through fitness, motivation, and community.