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The U.S. government increasingly requires immediate use of the market’s most advanced commercial hardware and software technologies within National Security Systems (NSS) to achieve mission objectives. The Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program was created by the NSA to protect classified data with efficient and secure commercial technology innovations. As a CSfC Trusted Integrator, we’re qualified to design, assemble, and apply solutions in accordance with CSfC Capability Packages (CPs).

Trusted Integrators support the client in the implementation of CSfC CPs. We specialize in bringing together CSfC components in accordance with the CSfC CPs to ensure secure and proper solution functionality.

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Our Track Record.

We’ve been approved as an NSA CSfC Trusted Integrator since 2019. Since then, we’ve built a strong track record of delivering scalable, commercial technologies that boost data protection at reduced cost for the national security community.

Today, we’re implementing secure remote access and mobile CSfC solutions on hundreds of mission-critical programs. The ID Technologies team equips U.S. government agencies to securely communicate, based on commercial standards, with a solution that can be fielded in months—not years.

Research & Development.

We’re doing more than just dropping third party tech into the federal space. We have our own dedicated CSfC R&D program that taps into our team’s unmatched expertise to develop proprietary technologies that are better, faster, and more secure than what exists today.

Our process uses DevSecOps, systems engineering, and third-party testing to produce unique and effective methodologies and technologies. That means better data security from the endpoint to the cloud, leading to more sustainable CSfC practices.

Adaptability is key when stipulations shift, and they will. That is why we have generated a very prescribed CSfC System architecture, fully vetted in our current deployments. Our teams stay ready with a daily scrum routine that gives us constant situational awareness and the ability to pivot our efforts when the situation changes.

CSfC for the Enterprise.

In today’s climate, secure classified remote access via CSfC is needed for larger populations of users in an organization – not hundreds of people but tens of thousands. As a result, ID Technologies has designed its approach to CSfC architecture to meet the scale of the enterprise with the deployment velocity and management tenets more in line with commercial enterprise best practices. This leads to a CSfC solution with a faster time to value and one that can meet the mission of the larger enterprise.

1. Prescribed CSfC.

Our prescribed CSfC reference architecture has been fully vetted and already received NSA CSfC registrations. Previously submitted documentation can be leveraged and updated to expedite registrations for new installations.

2. Standardized CSfC.

Standardized CSfC system reference architecture is fully tolerant and designed to handle up to 5,000 users at minimum and the ability to scale to meet the largest of organizations.

3. NSA approved.

NSA approved VPNs and FWs have been virtualized to automate and speed up deployments.

4. Archon Manager.

Archon Manager built with ID Technologies IP can be leveraged to provision and manage certificate renewals over the air.

5. CSfC architecture.

ID Technologies’ common CSfC architecture ensures better supportability than bespoke installations.


  • ID Technologies has designed, accredited, and deployed a 3500 user enterprise CSfC solution for a Federal Law Enforcement agency to grant them classified access for remote agents and users. This CSfC solution provides increased productivity and cost reduction as users have access to their data anytime, anywhere, eliminating travel back to a field office that may be hours away. The CSfC solution is registered and ATOed to provide secure access based on the NSA MACP and Site to Site CPs. The ID Technologies team provides ongoing sustainment support to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • ID Technologies is currently delivering a CSfC as a Service infrastructure to a DoD agency. This solution will provide users with both single and cross-domain access as needed to the broader agency. This enterprise service supports all different types of users, providing secure remote access to classified data both from home and on travel. This secure remote access provides end-users access to necessary data to allow them to make the real-time data-driven decisions necessary to support the mission.
  • ID Technologies is also currently delivering a CSfC endpoint, Archon ZV, and VDI infrastructure in conjunction with an existing DoD agency’s CSfC solution. We are working with the government to help document and build the Archon ZV endpoint to ultimately expedite the deployment of their CSfC enterprise solution. The CSfC Archon ZV endpoint solution will provide end-users with a commercially available laptop to provide both thick or thin client access to users based on user requirements. This solution will ultimately provide secure remote access for increased productivity and cost reduction to a decentralized group of users in support of their mission.
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The ID Technologies Value.

Users can access classified data from anywhere


Solutions that enable users to access all the resources they need in the field.


Solutions that give users the flexibility to use any combination of tools they need in the field without impacting their mobility.


Solutions that enable secure operational collaboration within and between organizations.

Capability Packages.

There are four major CSfC Capability Packages and two Requirements Annexes, and we have extensive experience in all of them. This has given us unrivaled insight into how to implement CSfC deployments, leading to a more streamlined approval process within each package. That means we can assist the government with complete, required packages for submission—NSA paperwork and all—fast.

Mobile Access Capability Package.

We’ve deployed MACP solutions operated “as-a-service” and built our own end user devices currently being certified for National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) certifications. They each come with over-the-air re-keying and data-at-rest and meet CSfC requirements.

Multi-Site Connectivity Capability Package.

We have the ability to protect classified information on both untrusted networks and networks operating at different security levels. We provide this either as an additional capability within our fully-managed SD-WAN solution, or as a stand-alone capability on an existing WAN.

Campus Wireless LAN Capability Package.

We’re working on several programs to implement wireless access in sensitive areas, with or without our secure end-user-devices.

Enterprise Gray Implementation and Key Management Requirements Annex.

Our global Enterprise Gray solution helps customers expand their networks, using their existing infrastructure and services to manage that growth. This can be either a stand-alone capability or a managed service.

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