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Understanding what our clients do makes it easier to help them.
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Tech that protects.

With shifting landscapes, evolving technology, and high stakes, there’s no such thing as an easy day in the field.

Those who work in defense are always finding a way to “make it work,” but we believe they shouldn’t have to convince their tools to function—they should just work, because every second counts.

Technology is supposed to make the job easier, and that’s how ID Technologies backs up those on the frontlines: We incorporate commercial tech that connects, controls, repairs, and resolves common issues—and takes on whatever else arises through innovation.

Who We Work With.

Our Clients.

Our clients need innovative solutions to take on critical missions. Through our own experience and the insight gained by working alongside them, we’re able to provide a personalized approach for each and every one.

Defense Contracts.

Our dedicated Contracts Team is committed to providing the very highest level of customer service that minimizes time-to-value to achieve customer mission goals at pace.

How We Do It.

Relationships and partnerships based on a shared passion.

The good news is: You don’t have to do it alone. With ID Technologies, you can implement a wireless system that allows your team to share the information they need to get vehicles back in action faster. That’s what ID Technologies does: Provide seamless and effective technology on the ground and in the field that improves mission performance.

World-class engineers and problem solvers.

When you need a ready-to-go, full package solution in the field, we are your go-to. We build and help manage enterprise infrastructure networks for federal agencies and the armed forces, supplying the hardware to get the job done and software to get it done right. In an industry that never slows down, we keep pace with the flow of technology and introduce what might be of the greatest use to the mission at hand.

Finishing the job right.

There are a litany of details that go into keeping military personnel safe and secure. From storage tech to video surveillance; from planes in the air to boots on the ground, we work with agencies in the defense sector to keep soldiers, pilots, and technicians safe. Because all personnel is essential.

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Unfortunately, metal—which is plentiful in an aircraft hangar—can disrupt transmissions, slowing communication. Can you get planes in the air with faulty comms?
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Secure Video Surveillance Solutions.

With such diverse and complex needs, US government facilities recognize the need for end-to-end intelligent security systems that enable proactive monitoring, deliver rapid incident response, provide fast and smart forensics and comply with NDAA Section 889 that provides security standards to protect digital information coming from surveillance cameras.

ID Technologies partners with Ava and Dell to develop and deliver advanced physical video security solutions to support those organizations and individuals that serve and protect US interests across the globe.
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