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ID Technologies and Commvault Develop and Execute Solutions to Address Unique Missions of the Department of Homeland Security

ID Technologies partners with Commvault to provide a managed service/consumption base solution, where customers can subscribe to software, infrastructure, storage, maintenance, and management services together on a term basis.


Today, our dependence on data in our digital world has come with the cost of heightened risks for cyber-attacks. With ID Technologies and Commvault, you can turn those cyber risks into risk mitigation and continued operations. Commvault customers reported a 61% reduction in annual exposure to compliance or audit failures and/or data theft/breach (Source: IDC).

Capabilities like Commvault Activate™ provide the most intuitive automation to leverage your data to gain actionable insights and take proactive measures to clean up redundancy, mitigate risk by reducing data threat surface, and improve return on investment. Commvault Activate™ drives automated actions to respond faster, mitigate risk of data theft or breach, eliminate data sprawl, and simplify data-driven decisions for your organization.

Using the wonderfully intuitive user interface integrated with all other Commvault capabilities, Commvault Activate™ provides intelligent data management with a simple mouse click. Currently deployed within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), these game changing data solutions solve requirements for three overarching use cases:

  1. Storage Optimization – Eliminate obsolete, duplicate, or redundant data and lower operating costs
  2. Data Governance – Define, find, and manage your critical or sensitive data
  3. eDiscovery – A turnkey approach focused on classification, advanced search, archiving, FOIA requests, etc.

Some benefits of Commvault Activate™ include:

  • 3 data services, one integrated platform to intelligently understand and manage your data
  • Advanced “4D” technology delivering a centralized and dynamic multi-dimensional index of metadata, content, classifications, and AI applied insights
  • Gain visibility into production and backup data with a single unified index across on-premises, remote, cloud, and backup data sources
  • Customizable dashboards enable you to search, filter, and drill down to the relevant details and drive action directly from the UI

Commvault Activate™ also integrates with NetApp StorageGRID to provide a unique, easy-to-use solution to help you meet the demands of rapid data growth and increasing regulations around the world. Commvault Activate™ allows organizations to search and profile data across NetApp and third-party storage arrays, the cloud and Commvault backup and archive stores. It is also a compliance archive solution for semi-structured data repositories such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and cloud sources, such as Microsoft 365 / M365.


A clear-eyed view of the capabilities of the cloud market allows ID Technologies and Commvault to assist agencies with cloud adoption and migration without compromise to current operations. Our Cloud and Mobility practice focuses on cloud and mobility services, resale, and application integration. We leverage our existing partner portfolio and build relationships with leading CSPs to create integrated C&M practice.

Our expertise in disruptive technologies, as well as training in OEM and government, helps us build a more personalized experience—once we understand your problem, we’ll partner with you to find the most innovative path forward. Our engineers understand how to implement solutions on the scale and complexity found in the Federal Government. From roadmaps and adoption to deployment and lifecycle management—you’re covered.

Commvault can help you quickly identify, access, manage and protect data across cloud environments. Whether on-prem, hybrid, or fully in the cloud, Commvault can protect any operating system (OS), database, virtual or cloud workload. Commvault provides API-level integration with over 40 cloud providers – currently managing approximately 1.5 EB of data in public cloud providers – and supplies a two-click-to-the-cloud deployment approach of simplicity. From a single Commvault dashboard, you can understand the current state of data across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, and you can manage your cloud data migration, daily data protection tasks and cloud disaster recovery all from the same interface.

Some benefits of Commvault cloud data management include:

  • Save money with deduplication and compression – move more data with less bandwidth.
  • Automate backups, yet control the frequency. Save time and effort with granular control.
  • Recover usable data with speed and granularity. Meet SLAs instead of sifting through snapshots.
  • Backup your full range of cloud data – blob, email, virtual machines, cloud apps and databases.
  • Gain global flexibility. Move backups to another region, another cloud or on-premises.


We’re a team of competitive technology experts and mission-driven people that can’t sleep until the challenge is solved the right way. Our proven track record of service to the federal government is fueled by dedication, honor, and decades of unparalleled field experience. Understanding what our customers do and their unique missions at hand, make us uniquely qualified to delivery impactful solutions. Our track record in the federal space expands across the Federal, Civilian and Intelligence communities. Commvault has already supported a variety of DHS customers through managing and protecting their data as well as backup and recovery solutions.

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