FedScoop: Pentagon’s CMMC assessor training is coming soon despite hurdles, board says

Written by ID Technologies    April 29, 2020

The DoD’s new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) “will soon have certified third-party assessment organizations to test the systems of all department contractors,” according to a recent FedScoop report.

The nonprofit accreditation board is in the “final stages” of getting its training system worked out and “the chairman of the board, Ty Schieber, stressed the body is working to create a pipeline for third-party assessors to be trained and become certified within the next 30 days” (Barnett). ID Tec continues to follow this important development as it’s been stated that “CMMC requirements will begin appearing in requests for proposals this fall” (Barnett).

Read the full FedScoop article here!

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