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ID Technologies, Ava, and Dell Provide Secure Video Surveillance Solutions to Address Physical and Personal Security Across Government Facilities.

ID Technologies is continuing our commitment to modernizing Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs), Artificial Intelligence Operations, and Physical Security organizations by partnering with Ava to bring their next generation NDAA Compliant Security solutions to our customers. Ava’s video solutions align with ID Technologies mission of providing a Common Operating Picture to our customers. Ava’s technologies complement our existing partnerships to deliver a complete standards-based end-to-end AI powered surveillance solution.

ID Technologies is one of only six companies to hold Titanium Status with the Dell Federal Organization. Not only is ID Technologies a Dell GSA Letter of Supply holder, it is also an OEM partner through Dell’s OEM program. This gives ID Technologies the unique ability to sell specialized solutions to their customers. ID Technologies has been a strategic partner with Dell for over 20 years and continues to grow their expertise in selling Dell Solutions and Products.



Government facilities range from a single building to complex facilities and installations that support operations across the Department of Defense, State Department, Civilian Agencies and the Intelligence Community.

ID Technologies partners with Ava and Dell to develop and deliver advanced physical video security solutions to support those organizations and individuals that serve and protect US interests across the globe.
Government facilities often support a large and diverse population: public safety services, healthcare facilities, schools, childcare, housing, research and development, military operations, and retail businesses.

With such diverse and complex needs, US government facilities recognize the need for end-to-end intelligent security systems that enable proactive monitoring, deliver rapid incident response, provide fast and smart forensics and comply with NDAA Section 889 that provides security standards to protect digital information coming from surveillance cameras.

Together, ID Technologies, Ava, and Dell understand that the ability to protect personnel and civilians that run government operations is of utmost importance. Ava’s fast and accurate smart forensic searches and powerful analytics transform the manually intensive examination of massive surveillance footage into accurate and useful results within mere minutes. Security operators are using powerful appearance, event, or image search functions to narrow down and track people or objects of interest.

Using Ava, security operators can add maps and floor plans of all the building locations to gain situational awareness and insights. Each map can be configured and includes camera views, alarm views, as well as the ability to track people and objects as they move around the campus.

The Ava Video Approach.

Further, the expanding use of video surveillance systems in facilities, and the increasing number of cameras in these systems is causing a problem. There is too much data to process in real time, and limited ability to turn that data into actionable intelligence.

Rather than trying to replace the human operators of your video surveillance system, Ava Video focuses on creating the tools and features that help your operators be more effective and efficient.
Key features are listed below:
Real-time tools — when events of interest occur, or when predefined rules are triggered, the Ava Video system alerts your operators, highlighting unusual activities. This makes your operators more situationally aware.

Forensic tools — by analyzing all video inputs, all the time, the task of searching for historic events is optimized. Searches that traditionally took many hours or days to achieve can now be completed in minutes. Once you have found the video you need, you can easily bookmark it, securely send links to those people that need to view the footage, or securely export it.

With Ava, your video security can be smart, agile, and easy to use:

  • Achieve true AI-powered, proactive security
  • Get started in minutes, no matter the deployment size
  • Stay protected from cyberattacks
  • Power your operators to investigate smarter and faster
  • Enhance your business and operational insights
  • Get analytics from all your cameras, all the time, instantly
  • Leverage the power of Ava Cameras with built-in analytics and on-device storage
  • Secure web and app access from anywhere in the world

Why Ava?

  • Map view with Smart Presence™
  • Video view with Spotlight
  • Timeline with Smart Presence™
  • Simple configuration
  • Smart Search™
  • Alerts and notifications in real-time
  • Mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Smart Recording™
  • Occupancy counting
  • On-camera analytics
  • Always on security
  • Access control integrations

Ava Appliances.

The Ava Appliances range of hardware appliances are based only on Dell OEM servers featuring Intel Central Processing Units (CPUs) and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 or RTX 2060 Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Taking advantage of the Dell supply chain and overall strength in the IT industry, Ava is able to deliver a world-class appliance on-time every time, and ready for the mission at hand.  All video storage disks are surveillance grade items. Ava Appliances are also fitted with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to provide the secure encryption key storage for each appliance.

Video surveillance systems can drive significant storage requirements.  There are several factors impacting the amount of storage required:

  • Number of cameras
  • Video protocols used – H.264 and H.265 are common.  H.264 requires approximately 40% more storage than H.265.
  • Resolution – 1080p and 4K are typical
  • Video Quality – If low video quality is the baseline rated at 1, Medium quality is rated at 1.5 and High quality is rated at 2
  • Retention period for the video
  • Video frame rate – 15 Frames/Sec is typical

Designed for ease-of-use.

The Ava Video Ava Cameras devices, Ava Appliances, and the Aware video management system have all been designed for ease-of-use; from simplified installation of each component, to the user experience-led approach to the design of the user interfaces. Security operators can have access to detailed camera information, activity logs, and advanced video adjustments in a single, user-friendly screen view.

Plus, with a simple licensing model, Ava always includes services and software upgrades. You no longer have to worry about integration charges, operator charges, API fees, or the complexity between small, medium, large, and enterprise services.


Whether enhancing your existing cameras with advanced video analytics, replacing your entire video security system to meet the NDAA mandate, or creating a solution from scratch, Government  agencies can benefit from Ava’s secure cameras and leverage Ava’s powerful analytics for the highest levels of proactive security.

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