Integrated Product Solutions.

The end point is only the beginning.

A lot can happen between the endpoint and the cloud. That’s why we focus on delivering strategic and unique value to our customers in those areas—and all the connections and infrastructure in between.

When we put our IT Strategy, Acquisition Strategy, Technology Selection, and Service Delivery together, your job gets a lot easier.

Data Center.

We actually understand how workloads interact with hardware and can provide justified designs that make the best use of it, as well as software licensing and application specific performance.

Storage and HCI.

Our team has been deploying Object-based storage at scale for more than a decade and we can instrument at the hardware layers and the application layers to ensure that performance and user experiences are met.

We have independent technical expertise with:

  • Dell/EMC, HPE Nimble/3PAR, Pure, NetApp FAS, HDS and IBM
  • All major HCI platforms (Hyperflex, Simplivity, vxRail, VSAN, FlexOS and Nutanix)
  • Software defined and/or open source (Ceph/Gluster/Lustre) storage software
  • Parallel file systems and scalable file systems including Lustre, GPFS, WekaIO and other platforms

From optimizing your system to effective datacenter control, our expertise ensures that performance and user experiences are met and strengthens application performance for end users.

Integrated Product Solutions


We’ve been designing and deploying SDN for nearly a decade.

We have experience with:

  • Modern leaf/spine designs.
  • Ethernet, FC and Infiniband networking.
  • NFV and network analytics/security.

We work with almost all the major datacenter networking providers and have deployed Fat Tree and Dragonfly+ Infiniband networks, 100Gb RDMA storage networks for 1000GB/sec and above file systems.

Integrated Product Solutions

End User Compute.

This is where the rubber meets the road; service and user, together at last. But each individual agency may need specific assets for optimal usage.

ID Technologies offers a wide variety of vendors and form factors, including ruggedized and tactical, to meet any requirement for any agency, along with a full suite of services like logistics, configuration, and deployment.

We get the tech in the hands of the people that need it the most.


ID Technologies covers the breadth and depth of end point applications, available in a variety of consumption models. From cloud based to offline access, from productivity to cyber operations, we’ve got your mission covered through implementation, customization, and development services to improve capability.


We do our homework. All of our partners are vetted to provide the most powerful and secure systems on the planet. We can meet any mission need, from AI enabled workstations to tactical mobility.


With numerous applications available to end users, it’s no wonder so many agencies struggle with the most fundamental discipline of IT: Management. It all starts with insight, and ID Technologies specializes in platforms that automate discovery and use AI to address the complexity of oversight. You got this. And we got you.


The end point is the gateway to your enterprise, and the addition of cloud-based software has led to a rising number of security issues. We help customers see through the hype and make security decisions based on value, effectiveness, and ease of implementation. Because security isn’t optional – and it has to be effective.

Integrated Product Solutions

Cloud Convergence.

Ask five IT professionals what cloud is, and you’ll get six different answers. Every year with various developments, the definition shifts. With the massive pressure coming from the top of organizations to “get to the cloud,” it’s no wonder that it has become a difficult, yet critical component for IT leadership to handle.

We know that cloud computing solves some problems while creating others. ID Technologies takes a clear view of the capabilities and compromises of the cloud market to assist agencies with adoption and migration. Because in the federal computing space, technology must feed into a simple concept: The mission comes first.


ID Technologies understands the reality of cloud at scale: Security and financial complications, combined with a highly distributed user community, can create unique problems. We can help your agency implement multi-tenant solutions that ensure your organization’s cloud adoption goes smoothly.


While the ability to scale computing based on demand is the most valuable aspect of the cloud, consuming and managing these tools is incredibly complex. We help our customers deploy and utilize these resources, so that time, money, and capacity are never wasted.


So you’re ready to adopt cloud technology—but is your team? Their critical resources are now in private and public clouds, and they need to understand how to access them. We’ve enabled the “one click” experience that truly drives acceptance of a new and often challenging paradigm.


The cloud is expansive, technical, and complex, which is great—until you need to secure it. How does this happen? Short answer, the same way you secure anything else: The thoughtful application of security controls that don’t interfere with the mission. We specialize in cloud security that grows with your objectives, without requiring massive change in approach.


Your cloud storage strategy has the largest impact on the success of cloud migrations. The cloud industry is pushing customers to go “all-in” with their storage platforms because their goal is to trap you. Our cloud storage solution lets users have both value and performance, with none of the captivity for which mainstream cloud providers are known.

Integrated Product Solutions

Accelerated Compute.

You name it, we’ve got experience with it: Deploying SDN. Modern leaf/spine designs. Ethernet, FC and Infiniband networking. NFV and network analytics/security. Fat Tree and Dragonfly+ Infiniband networks, 100Gb RDMA storage networks for 1000GB/sec and above file systems.

We could go on. Just know that we have years of experience with almost all the major data center networking providers.

We have a unique approach with disaggregated or composable accelerated computing, allowing us to retrofit existing environments for GPU/FPGA/IPU, etc. acceleration technologies.


Our projects span:

  • Accelerated cryptographic workloads
  • General purpose scientific computing
  • Mission analytics


We’re dedicated and passionate about:

  • Working closely with Intel and nVidia to help modify code to optimize acceleration.
  • Providing edge acceleration resources via WAN routed RDMA services, effectively extending datacenter class capabilities to the farthest edge environments.
  • Building AL/ML systems that range in size from ¼ rack to 1000+ nodes.
  • Understanding GPU direct approaches and composing GPUs across multiple OEMs via Ethernet and PCIe.
Integrated Product Solutions

Mission Solutions.

A traditional IT project almost always has a map to follow. When technology is refreshed, it has its last iteration to use as a guide. Brand new applications have a software vendor or development team to test them. They aren’t connected to or organized by the actual functions of government.

As one of the most complex areas of IT, mission solutions are never this neat and tidy. Each one is an end-capability/function with many technological components, but the technology is merely the facilitator—not the objective.

The CSfC program is a good example of the type of mission solution ID Tec excels at delivering. CSfC projects provide secure access to classified environments and secure communication over open comm links without having to use military encryption devices.


ID Tec provides mission solutions in the following specific areas:

  • CSfC
  • SD-WAN
  • Storage-as-a-Service
  • Edge analytics
  • Advanced analytics – AI/ML and accelerated computing


These projects encompass a series of dependent technology projects that include:

  • Network security (Firewalls, IDS, VPNs, etc.)
  • Ethernet networking within the datacenter.
  • Wireless networking.
  • WAN configuration.
  • Load balancing projects (local and Global).
  • VDI projects.
  • Server virtualization projects (hyper converged infrastructure).
  • Data protection/backup projects.
  • Cross domain implementations.
  • C&A work/documentation.

Together, these individual projects must create a functional CSfC environment in which personnel have secure access to what they need at any and all times.

ID Tec can deploy these layered and various mission solutions for the government, or provide them as an assured service with stringent SLAs. Our confidence in how our systems function comes from not only designing and deploying them—but actually operating them. Having the unique ability to provide a mission solution as a service demonstrates our mastery of the component technologies, and our ability to bring all of those components together as required.

Integrated Product Solutions

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Dylan Connor

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Bryan Courtright

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