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We back-up the intelligence community.
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Fast and agile for every mission.

The intelligence community needs partners it can trust. They need technical resource providers who are mission-focused and mission-centric. And when things shift, because they always do, they need IT back-up that’s fast and agile so that they’re never far behind.
We bring practical and strategic guidance to make a difference in both people and technology so that intelligence organizations can optimize their processes.

The mission changes. Trust in your IT partners never should.

Who We Work With.

Our Clients.

Our clients need innovative solutions to take on critical missions. Through our own experience and the insight gained by working alongside them, we’re able to provide a personalized approach for each and every one.

Law Enforcement

Intelligence Contracts.

Our dedicated Contracts Team is committed to providing the very highest level of customer service that minimizes time-to-value to achieve customer mission goals at pace.

How We Do It.

Relationships and partnerships based on a shared passion.

When you work with clients in the intelligence community, it goes beyond collaboration. It becomes a joint mission in which we are providing back-up as they save lives. Our experience working on government task forces gives us the perspective and experience we need to back up our partners in the field.

World-class engineers and problem solvers.

Intelligence ops can present some unique problems while trying to keep things as simple as possible. We know the stakes. We’re going to get it right. Throughout the mission, if our solutions don’t check every box, we go back to the drawing board and put together the best plan for the job.

Finishing the job right.

We maintain clear and constant communication, so that every mission is in a state of progress.

Related Work.

Deploying the Archon Solution within the Intelligence community.

The customer needed secure remote access to a classified enclave. ID Technologies was chosen due to being an NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Trusted Integrator with the most experienced onsite delivery team to support this level of effort.

Since 2019, ID Technologies has built a strong track record of delivering scalable, commercial technologies that boost data protection at reduced cost for the national security community.

Our solution includes a real-time operating system (RTOS) that has been widely acknowledged as “unhackable”. This is part of ID Tec’s product portfolio, Archon.

The Archon ZV platform combines security and reliability of a secure RTOS with the utility and flexibility of commercial mobility devices to create a personal security appliance allowing security models like NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) capability packages to be deployed in the factory, without the cost, complexity, and management overhead of currently available solutions.

Our Archon solution permits work from home capabilities as well as access when the mission requires remote connectivity to sensitive information.
As a result, our Intelligence customer gained remote access to secure information.
Make Archon Yours

Addressing Unique Missions of the Department of Homeland Security.

Today, our dependence on data in our digital world has come with the cost of heightened risks for cyber-attacks. With ID Technologies and Commvault, you can turn those cyber risks into risk mitigation and continued operations.

ID Technologies partners with Commvault to provide a managed service/consumption base solution, where customers can subscribe to software, infrastructure, storage, maintenance, and management services together on a term basis.
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Aaron Butler

Vice President of Sales
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We have a clear mission – to make it simpler for our customers to buy and use IT that’s fit for their purpose.


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