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SOCOM CIO to industry: ‘Rethink your business models’

Written by ID Technologies
May 24, 2021

Repost from Chris Oliver: Great advice to industry from SOCOM CIO Lisa Costa. “What special operations forces need going forward is next-generation tools and platforms that will allow for resilient communications and network logins, secure access to data across classification levels and cloud-agnostic solutions that reach from the SOF enterprise to the battlefield, all while being interoperable.”

Costa wants to get away from the logistical nightmare of delivering pallets of hardware with proper cooling equipment into “incredibly” austere environments. Instead, she wants phones or tablets to adapt to needs. Costa challenged industry to “not necessarily always proposing a full stack solution, but instead focusing on providing infrastructure as a service, data as a service, algorithms as a service, and keeping those separate so that we can mix and match them for the next unknown mission.”

ID Technologies Archon suite of end point devices and secure remote edge connected platforms was built to serve these exact mission use cases. Glad to see the community moving in this direction not only technically, but also in adapting business models that make the deployment of this tech agile, flexible, and expedient.

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