Webinar: Make your Hardware Smarter with Dynamic Composable Infrastructure

Written by ID Technologies    April 15, 2020

This webinar was hosted by Bryan Courtright, Dir. Solution Architecture Group, at ID Technologies and Matt Demas, CTO, Public Sector at Liqid, Inc. on April 14th, 2020.

Watch the webinar at any time to learn how to make hardware smarter, more flexible & easier to manage with dynamic composable infrastructure.

Static hardware stacks are traditionally shipped with resources fixed at the point of purchase, making it difficult to scale to meet surges in data demand. This leads to excessive overprovisioning requirements for meeting peak demand, and valuable equipment sitting idle during non-peak hours, imprisoned in a box and unable to be shared for use by other applications.

IT users manage and automate via a simple pane-of-glass GUI, API, or command line, and can add resources in the required amount, when necessary. Intuitive composable infrastructure software gives IT users to have the flexibility of a government cloud deployment to on-prem environments without additional costs or fees. Performance for HPC, virtualization, and VDI, AI and machine learning, 5G/Edge deployments, dynamic cloud, and more are all greatly simplified and improved.

Watch Here!

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