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December 3, 2019

March 6th, 2018

Intelligent Decisions’ pedigree traces back over 20 years to our beginnings. When we started out, our goal was to become a trusted IT partner to the US Federal Government. Proudly we can say that is the privileged position we’ve achieved today. It’s been a thrilling journey and we’ve learned so much about the diversity and complexity of the challenges facing our customers, as well as how we can best enable them with the right aligned technologies.

This week, the next chapter in our story begins. Intelligent Decisions is splitting into two standalone companies: ID Technologies, the product solutions business which pairs market leading partner technologies with supportive acquisition strategies to enable government agencies to achieve mission success, and Applied Insight, the professional services business with a diverse team of technology and process specialists dedicated to solving complex technology problems for customers.

I am thrilled to guide ID Technologies as President, leading a first class team of people who really care about the customer’s mission. Their steadfast commitment to serving our customers across the defense, intelligence and civilian Federal communities inspires me and I know is felt by our customers and partners alike.

The strategic split and re-brand was enabled by the recent acquisition of Intelligent Decisions by The Acacia Group, an investment firm led by a seasoned team of operational investors. The capital, operational stability, and relationships that they bring positions ID Technologies as never before to grow our value to our customers and partners.

We’ve taken this opportunity to review and restate our mission more clearly than before, which we have captured as Accelerating Simplicity. For me personally, having worked for many years in Federal IT, I’ve seen first-hand the enormous value that we bring to customers when we make it simpler for them to buy and use IT that’s fit for their unique purpose.

At ID Technologies we don’t say that Federal IT projects are ever easy – IT is hard to do well; the stakes are high, and technology is evolving rapidly. There is much we can do to ease our customers’ experience and minimize time-to-value, recognizing that their job is already tough enough. That means understanding their mission and getting the right capability direct to the people who really need it, on time and budget concise. It means making the value of IT spend more quickly available to customers and partnering with technology companies who share this approach and have market ready capabilities that align with our customers’ missions.

As ID Technologies, we look forward to Accelerating Simplicity to our new and existing customers across the Federal Government. It’s a privilege to serve this customer, and we have an unwavering promise to continue enabling their success.

Chris Oliver
President, ID Technologies


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